Sunday, June 29, 2008

Berkeley Vale 'sprung' on Video Surveillance

Workers at Berkeley Vale are being 'spied' on according to workers at the site. "They are using surveillance to monitor our work" said a number of workers.

Why does this not surprise? Management at Berkeley Vale have been using appalling methods to monitor performance ever since I have worked here said another worker.

So the question is: What is going on at Berkeley Vale? Why are employees being monitored without their knowledge? What is happening to employees privacy in accordance with the Act? Why are Supervisors doing this to their employees?

Are Supervisors aware of the consequences of 'breaching the Act'?

You can have a look at the Act at

In October 2007, a internal memo was sent to employees by Bob Miller (Manufacturing Manager) outlining the reasons for introducing the surveillance.

Has the surveillance really been used for the reasons outlined...We think not! Judge for yourself.

Friday, April 25, 2008

No Cockroach Infestation according to Sanitarium Management

Sanitarium Management have put out an internal Memo (attached to our payslips today) advising us that there are effectively no problems with cockroach infestation at the Cooranbong Site.

We all know that is rubbish and we also know there is a significant health issue here regarding cockroaches in the plant. It is a health issue that affects all us employees and an issue that has the serious potential to affect the Australian public that consume Sanitarium Health Foods.

We do not want pest controllers spraying during working hours and we want it cleaned up to the hygienic standards the public would expect of a food company let alone a 'health' food company.

We call on Sanitarium to come 'clean' with the Australian public and we demand the plant be cleaned and sanitised safely whilst no production is in operation and no worker is subjected to these disgusting standards any longer. Why should we have to work under these conditions!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Superannuation Kickbacks for Sanitarium Management?

Sanitarium Management at head office have now prevented workers at Cooranbong from having the opportunity to get some sound superannuation advice from LUCRF Superannuation. LUCRF is an industry superannuation fund that delivers great superannuation returns for NUW Union Members.

Sanitarium Management have refused to allow the LUCRF Representative to come on site and give a presentation on superannuation for the benefit of sanitarium workers. Could it be that Sanitarium and their Management directly benefit by using Mercer? Why else would they only be prepared to allow workers to hear from one superannuation fund?

Why would Sanitarium Management stop any employee from possibly achieving greater returns and better financial security for their family. Workers should be able to compare and decide for them and their families where they want their superannuation. All sanitarium workers should be demanding that they want to hear how LUCRF are performing.

It is Sanitarium Workers and their families future that they should be able to decide what fund is financially best for them. The legislation does now allow for choice but apparently not at Sanitarium!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sanitarium Now Mislead Workers over Newcastle Show Day Public Holiday!

Leading into the Easter Public Holidays, Sanitarium were busy trying to rip pay off worker's. Well now at Cooranbong, Management are 'misleading' workers that the upcoming Newcastle Show Day Public Holiday on Friday 11 April has been awarded by Sanitarium Management and not the NSW State Government's Department of Industrial Relations.

In a Memo dated 3 April, advising employees of the Newcastle Show Public Holiday that was sent to all site employees from the Site Manager, Adam Burton, in his second paragraph states:

"While this Public Holiday is not applicable to all employees, the Company has decided, on this occasion, to make it available to all employees at the Cooranbong Manufacturing Unit".

Can you believe this? According to Mr Burton, this holiday is not applicable to all employees but Sanitarium has decided to make it available to all employees!

No, No Mr Burton, the holiday has been gazetted by the NSW Department of Industrial Relations and their press statement says:

"The NSW Department of Industrial Relations has gazetted Friday 11 April 2008 a local show day holiday for the Newcastle Show. The Show Day holiday will apply to the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Local Government Areas."

This means that Sanitarium has made nothing available as suggested and that all employees are entitled to this holiday by LAW!

Employees expect better Mr Burton!

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